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Grotto del Parco Nobs Maurizio, 6922 Morcote, Restaurant

Weitere Firmen in der Umgebung 6922 im Bereich
10 von 10 Punkten - 1 Bewertung

Grotto del Parco Nobs Maurizio
riva di Pilastri 
6922 Morcote
Tel 091 996 22 07 *
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Grotto del Parco Nobs Maurizio , 6922 Morcote, Restaurant

ROSABAL, Pedro y Esperanza 02.08.2009 13:27
The Grotto del Parco Restorant, in Morcote, is an amazing experience: the quality of food is among the best we have ever found not only in Switzerland but across Europe; with excellent traditional recipes touched by modern gastronomy. The quality of food is supported by an excellent service with is done with charm and professionalism; the people working in this restorant make you feel like at home! The location and its surroundings is very especial and the views over the lake is a true gift of God to anyone's eyes. What else can we ask for? It is truly an experience that will last forever in our memories and one not to be missed!
Grotto del Parco Nobs Maurizio , 6922 Morcote, Restaurant
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